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Thursday, March 22, 2012

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(I'm currently reading this. I'm about half way into it and I have the hardest
time putting it down. I opted for buying the book instead of buying the
Kindle version because the Kindle version doesn't have the photos that the
book refers to. If you like history or are Kennedy obsessed (like me) this is for you!)

How To Have An Adult Apartment on a Budget
(I gave myself a pat on a back after I read this article. I've been doing all of these things. Don't forget Cost Plus World Market. You can get some awesome finds there!)

Girl's Gone Child: on (finally) accepting feminism
(As a new mom I find this blog encouraging. There was so much of this post I could relate to that I found it theraputic. Even if you aren't a mommy (or a daddy) you should still read it. Good stuff!)

The littlest: a few small changes
(I read this article at work and the first thing I did was throw away half of everything that was in my drawers and purse. When I came home I had the overwhelming urge to rid myself of half of Charlie's baby products. Currently not in a financial situation to do such a thing so I'll wait to use up what we have and then it's Burt's Bees and California Baby for Charlie. My only regret was throwing out my face wash. I bought this great organic $$ stuff and my face hated it.)

A Cup Of Jo: How long do you wait to sleep with someone?
(The comments are almost as interesting as the post!)

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