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So this one time I went to Benihana...

Pickles & Chapstick: So this one time I went to Benihana...

Monday, May 16, 2011

So this one time I went to Benihana...

Thanks to the blogger crash of 2011 I was unable to update this puppy last week. Well, I could have updated on Friday or over the weekend but pure laziness started to set in. You know how that goes, right?

After a sleepless Thursday night.. I blame the Lehigh University wrestling t-shirt I wore to bed. I spent Friday not being able to sleep. I was finally able to fall asleep and of course 7am came quickly. Why was I waking up at 7am on a Saturday? I had to get Tobias (my car) worked on. Of course they had no record of my appointment but promised to fit me in. I thought to myself "Uhh, I just woke up at 7am to be here by 8am and I'm eating disgusting Mickey D's for breakfast.. you better fit me in!". I ate my half disgusting breakfast, conversed with a strange man waiting to get his car fixed, and had a heart to heart with the manager Joe. 4 in a half hours and $700 later I was off to get some feathers. Feathers? Yes, I went to the Doves Salon in Santa Monica to get some feather extensions. I'm afraid to dye my hair because of the pregnancy so I thought some feathers might kick my "doo" up a notch. The feathers do look cool.. if you can find them (I have a lot of hair). So I need to make a trip back to the salon so they can be put in a better location. Pictures will come once they switch locations.

Saturday night was Jessi's birthday dinner at Benihana. As I sorted through my clothing I realized I have nothing to wear that looks cute enough to wear out. Then I managed to go through my 4th emotional breakdown of the day. My hormones were not going easy on me! Finally arriving at Lauren's, I sorted through her heap of clothes. Boom! Found the perfect outfit to replace the party dress that enhanced "the bump". Lauren and I "bumped" our favorite rap songs on the way to Benihana. We ordered our over priced meals. I watched the chef cook up the meat and it took everything in my body from not projectile vomiting all over him. The chef spelled out I <3 U with the fried rice he just made. I think it was meant for me. It's my "pregnancy glow" that brings all the boys to the yard. Just kidding! By the end of dinner we all couldn't stop laughing. Scratch that - Lauren and I couldn't stop laughing. Why? It was all our nonsense talk of True Life: I'm jealous of my cat, making stories up about other tables and this random dude glaring at Lauren and I in our photo (hey, mind your own biznass!). Okay.. maybe you had to be there to find any of this funny. I left Benihana without my green tea ice cream that was promised but charged for my fried rice that was supposed to be included in my meal. I also didn't get one of those cool hats that all the kids were wearing. Maybe one day I'll return to Benihana and when I do... I better get one of those damn hats!!

(photos: Bear (Lauren's cat that helped me pick out my outfit), I <3 U spelled out in fried rice, The beautiful birthday girl, Lauren, the creepy dude and I)


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