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a glimpse into our east coast holiday vacation

Pickles & Chapstick: a glimpse into our east coast holiday vacation

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a glimpse into our east coast holiday vacation

Big furry brother meets little human brother 

Rude Elf Reserve aka best beer ever!

I'm currently writing this post with my left hand while Charlie sleeps on my right. We've been busy visiting friends and family this past week. Poor Charlie is all out of sorts from being shipped back and forth. I was informed today by a doctor that it isn't the best thing to do with babies and little kids - yikes! Back to our trip...

Charlie has met most of his east coast relatives and important people in his daddy and mommy's life. On the 23rd we did a tour of Nazareth & Bethlehem. We met up with a bunch of Charlie's dads friends. I finally got a hot dog from Potts' and I was in hot dog heaven! That night my mom offered to babysit Charlie so I could go out with everyone. Haven't had a night out like that in over a year - it was much needed! Even if it did end on a slight hurtful note. This vacation I spent three nights without Charlie and it was pretty unbearable. He was in good hands with daddy and his family but it still hurt this momma so so much. I'm cool with a few hours away but a night is completely overwhelming at this point. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. It's been very emotional the past few weeks. A lot of immature bs has been going on recently. So being around family has been helpful. Safe to say I really wish I could've enjoyed my son's first Christmas a little bit more. This Monday we said goodbye to daddy. I can only imagine how hard this is on him. It's hard for us too. Even though I love having my family around and they're such a HUGE help, I still miss having Charlie's daddy around to share things with. I know Charlie misses him too. Charlie and I will be returning to Jersey tomorrow to spend some more time with Tia Leanne, Grandma & Grandpa before we leave. We also have a wedding on Friday to go to. Then we're back in LA on Saturday night. That's if this momma decides to actually get on the plane. It's been heaven having our families around to share and help out with Charlie.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays!!

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