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get in my belly: Charlie food uno

Pickles & Chapstick: get in my belly: Charlie food uno

Thursday, August 16, 2012

get in my belly: Charlie food uno

This is what an average "prep" session starts off as. I buy only organic fruits and vegetables
and I try my hardest to only buy locally grown produce. Produce can sometimes get expensive
so I find hitting up the local farmer's markets have the best deals and the produce is locally grown!

When I found out I was pregnant I made the decision that I wanted to make my own baby food. I like the idea of knowing what my child is eating. I did a lot of research to find recipes, tools, etc. One day I stumbled across the Beaba babycook. This was my first find that not only chopped up the veggies, fruits, etc. it also steamed them!! One day the Beaba babycook arrived on my front stoop (thank you, mama!!). It takes 15 minutes to steam whatever needs to be steamed and chops it up in no time. Charlie loves his food so I find myself preparing food for him three-four times a week. Here are some snapshots I took a few days ago when I was preparing his food. 

Sometimes I'll steam veggies on the stove to cut down on time.

These mangos are ready to be steamed.

To steam you click it to the left and it lights up. When it's done the light goes off. 

When it's done steaming you take out the basket filled with whatever was just steamed
and dump it into the blender part. Click the dial to the right until it's chopped/blended.  

This is what my fridge looks like (it's normally a bit more full of Charlie food).

I find it helpful to label the containers of food with what it is and the date it was made.  

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