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a birthday for a daddy

Pickles & Chapstick: a birthday for a daddy

Monday, January 9, 2012

a birthday for a daddy

Birthday banner
(printed out letters & pasted onto ribbon)  

(balloons scare the crap out of me (when they pop) so I'm not
sure what came over to me hang them up.
Hint: hang them upside down and you don't need helium) 

I had this beautiful vision of what the mini flag banner would've looked like.
He came home earlier than planned so I had no time to fix them :(  

Instead of cupcakes or a cake, I opted for his favorite cookie instead  

handmade cards from Charlie & I  

Charlie patiently waiting for his daddy to come home to celebrate! 

Birthdays are a BIG deal in my opinion. It was B's first birthday as a daddy this year and since he's such a great daddy, he deserved a great birthday. I put myself on a strict budget for decorations so that meant getting creative (which of course, was no big deal) and lots of personal touches. I really enjoyed putting all of this together. I'm looking forward to when Charlie gets older so I can show him the ropes and he can put his own little personal touches on things!

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