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a weekend in pictures

Pickles & Chapstick: a weekend in pictures

Monday, February 27, 2012

a weekend in pictures

This was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up. 

Charlie enjoyed watching it too!
(Well, he probably just enjoyed the colors) 

"Are you going to Instagram this? Make me look pretty" - Lauren
(Make you look pretty? You crazy girl! You're gorgeous!) 

The look of semi satisfied pizza customer. I gave Good Pizza
in Playa another try. I'll be living here when I don't feel like
driving all the way to Westwood for pizza. 

Almost cried my make up off when I saw him do this 

Showing up late = a little behind on the ballot

Concession stand 

My little buddy for the evening. Ack!! I love this pup so much! I've
missed him!

My Oscar 2012 watch party look
(I didn't want to wear this but I was convinced otherwise. This dress weirds me out for a
number of reasons. One of them being - there's sparkly crap all over it. I wish I was one
of those "sparkly" ladies but I'm not. Or maybe I've convinced myself of that.)

*BIG* thanks to ByBun for having another amazing Oscar Party and giving this mama bird an excuse to get out for a few hours :)



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