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Pickles & Chapstick: twenty-eight

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


(In case one day I forget: This is what I looked on my 28th birthday
and this is what occurred on this day)
February 7, 2012 = 28th Birthday
(Birthdays are a BIG deal in my book. I love making the people I love/care about birthday's special.  However, my birthday tends to bother me and so much has happened this year that I just felt unworthy of any birthday festivities)
 - I woke up to a phone filled with birthday love 
 - Snuggled my little man
 - Was wished a sweet happy birthday before I left for work.  
 - Spent most of my morning working and getting updates on the Giants parade
 - Got the best phone call from C's great aunt, great uncle and great gramma in New Jersey (love love them!) 
 - Got really distracted by Giants parade coverage that I sat in front of my computer and pretended I    was there for a minute. (It was really a lot of fun but why did I picture myself in a Justin Tuck jersey?)
 - Changed my wallpaper to the Giant's offensive line to this Super Bowl champions wallpaper I found
 - Researched three new projects 
 - Made a sign that said "happy giants day" with a picture of their win at the Super Bowl. Printed it out and put it on my boss's desk who is a Pats fan. I signed it <3, Charlie. 
 - Debated what I wanted to eat for dinner. Sushi? Indian? Italian? 
 - Worked on a project in my "very part-time office" and returned to my desk to find the picture back on my desk from my boss and it said "Finley (his daughter) says f u". (this is very typical of us) 
 - My co-worker surprised me with pumpkin spice cupcakes. They aren't like the ones I normally bake or the ones I had at my baby shower but they were pretty good for being store bought. 
 -  Wasn't able to eat the cupcakes along with the lunch that was bought for me because I had to shuffle off to a doctor's appointment. 
 - Received a birthday card from that all my co-workers signed. The best message from my one co-worker who wrote "glad the Giants gave you an early birthday present". (Yes, they did!) 
 - Drove to Westwood.
 - I waited 45 minutes longer than I was supposed to (boring) 
 - Watched the Hunger Games trailer with no sound 2x
 - Got annoyed that I still haven't read book because I've been DYING to read it for the longest time. 
 - Decided I wanted sushi for dinner.
 - Got rear ended by my house by an old lady. I was so out of it and tired that I didn't even look for damage (there was none - phew!) 
 - Passed out & dreamt of George Clooney in a Hawaiian shirt until my phone kept ringing.  
 - Still felt groggy and sick but I went out for sushi anyway
 - Cried as I said good-bye to C's Gramma (i love her so much) 
 - Snuggled my little man before I called it a night (mmm best feeling in the world)
 - Laid in bed and realized it was my 2nd sober birthday in a row. 

Twenty eight, please treat me better than twenty-seven. 

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