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flashback friday

Pickles & Chapstick: flashback friday

Friday, November 23, 2012

flashback friday

I was trying to clean up my computer last night because it runs like a dinosaur (and I should start seriously thinking about buying a new one) when I came across my old photos from b.c. (before Charlie). I've been known to be an emotional cutter and dyer. Except my teenage years. My hair was my rebellion. It was every color and streaked every color under the sun. Moving on.. When I was going through a rough time (relationship wise) I'd be notorious for chopping at my hair or dyeing it. Kinda silly but hey whatever works for ya.  Once I became pregnant I stopped this habit and just let my hair go natural. I'm glad I came across these photos when I did because I've just been.. yeah, I'm not going there.. BUT I was about to grab the scissors and hair dye again. No joke. I almost went to Target last night and was almost willing to put up that chaos just to get hair dye.  

So for this Flashback Friday I will share those photos of my chopped off locks and those times I went blonde. I know you've been on the edge of your seats. So here you go... 

January 2004? Hi, I'm about to turn 20 and I just chopped off
my hair into this hairdo. Like those martini glasses I painted
around my door? (martini glasses? blame a Sinatra/Elvis phase)  

February 2004 - Most likely toying with the idea of just packing up and
leaving PA. It's also probably the last time I drank a sunkist (pictured
in the background).  
Winter 2004 - Helllllo Los Angeles. Like my sassy platinum "bed head"?
Remember web cams? Those last three photos were taken with one.
major nerd alert!
I somehow managed to go a bit without dyeing or cutting it and then it happened all over again...
Summer 2004 - I'm all like "kinda sad" so lets chop off my hair again
and dye it "honey". Like my nose piercing? I lost it 3 months later.
(don't worry I'd get it redone 3x over the next 6 years.)

Winter 2005 - This picture is all "I probably am going through something gnarly (again)
so I decided to cut my own hair and dye it this bad shade of blonde."
I wonder what ever happened to those pearls... 
A few years went by and I actually let my hair grow out and I didn't do anything major to it. Need proof? 
Here you go:

Sometime in late 2007 - Completely normal with my two roommates
no cable? no internet? not a problem... just take stupid pictures! 
January 2008 (shortly after New Years?) - chopped off my locks and went out on Main St.
with some of my best girls. 

Spring 2009 - Got a sweet angled cut while having bangs? No bueno.
Oh, and the bra peeping out.. classy. That's right. You work it, girl. pfft!
Kinda sad that MJ necklace broke.   

September 2009 - I was growing out my hair but I decided to go blonde? Haven't you learned your
lesson? Good heavens, girl!
Tina & I should be awarded a prize for "best sunglasses" at that party

annnnnd I decided to dye my clip in extensions the same color (don't miss those suckers). I went brunette
shortly after this. Maybe to celebrate the Giants beating the Cowboys in the Cowboys new stadium? :)   

June 2010 - This was the last time I lightened my hair. I sprained my wrist (i think?) & everyone took full advantage to poke and nudge it. This would explain my face in this photo.
Noted: never go out to a crowded bar (like the waterfront) when injured. 

Aren't you happy you took that trip down memory lane with me? I'm off to "train" so I can *hopefully* be ready to *maybe* run a marathon in the spring (no joke - more on that later). Happy Black Friday y'all! 

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