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a weekend in pictures

Pickles & Chapstick: a weekend in pictures

Monday, November 19, 2012

a weekend in pictures

I know most people never want their weekends to end but I'm more than happy that this weekend is finally over. Good god that was an exhausting one!! Yesterday Charlie and I drove out to the "909" to hit up a friend's birthday party. Charlie doesn't interact with a lot of kids and I don't know anyone else out here who has kids so it was a nice change of pace for the both of us. I was amazed with how kind the little kids were with him. It was also cute to see him crawl after the big kids and try to do everything they did. After most of the kids left I took him into the bounce house. I'm not sure I can find enough words to describe my hatred for them. Germ infested and good god do they smell (so of course the kids would like it haha). I was surrounded by pregnant mamas expecting more babes and the constant talk of things that grossed them out rubbed off on me. Raw meat. poultry and seafood is no longer my friend. All that hard work was thrown out the window! This week is proving busy and it's only Monday morning. Oh, and that Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday? Yeah, still have made no plans what so ever for that. 

I did a such a great job with my "highlights" that you can barely see them. I'm actually pretty satisfied with them. 

Last minute I realized that I needed a card for Dylan's gift. I made this. He liked it. Win!
I loved that Dylan's gramma found that batman candle from when her kids were little.
My brother had that exact candle on one of his cakes 15+ years ago haha. 

Dylan got this sweet Batman snuggie. I had to give it a try. I'm asking Santa for one. 

Charlie paused from playing to keep tabs on the football game. 



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