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she's crafty: homemade shower cleaner

Pickles & Chapstick: she's crafty: homemade shower cleaner

Monday, November 5, 2012

she's crafty: homemade shower cleaner

Today I was at my wits end. It's November so of course Los Angeles decided it was due for another heat wave. We're talking 80+ degree weather. Three fans broke so we're down to one. This isn't good when there's a sick baby in the house or your allergies are getting so bad that allergy shots are needed. I needed to give the bathroom a good cleaning so I could cool Charlie down in the tub. I was trying to clean my bathroom and the expensive "natural" stuff wasn't cutting it. What does one do in situations like this? Research the hell out of the internet and find out how to make your own cleaners. 

I remembered one of my favorite bloggers recently blogged about making her own shower cleaner. It's very easy to make. 

What you'll need:

 - white vinegar
 - dawn dish soap (the blue kind) 
 - measuring cup
 - empty spray bottle 

After you have all that it's soo easy. 

 - 1 cup warm vinegar
 - 1 cup dawn dish soap

Shake and you're good to go. I highly recommend leaving the windows open in the bathroom (if you're lucky enough to have windows in your bathroom) because it gets a tad bit stinky. I also recommend leaving the stuff on for 15 minutes and then rinsing the bathroom area. This stuff works better than most cleaning stuff I've used in the past. My tub is so clean that I want to do everything in there now. At this rate Charlie and I may be eating dinner in there. 

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