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read me: Charlie's picks

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

read me: Charlie's picks

I found these "baby lit" books months ago and fell in love with them.
My mom bought the Dracula book for Charlie. They have the A Christmas Carol
one that I can't wait to buy him!

I've always had a love for a children's books. I loved the different stories and especially the illustrations. Growing up my step-mom had one of the best collections of kids books for my brother and I. They were the best because they weren't your run of the mill Dr. Seuss books (don't get me wrong I still love those books), they were lesser known books with cute little stories and some of the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen. Unfortch we lost all of them in the fire. I've slowly been rebuilding the library of books from memory and sometimes even old pictures (more on that later). So nothing makes me happier that our little Charlie is a HUGE bookworm. I used to read to him when I was pregnant. We'd read to him as a newborn and he'd enjoy staring at the pages. As he got a little older the books is what he was drawn to. We aren't huge fans of having lots of toys but we're more than happier to buy him new books frequently. Charlie is very gentle with his books which is rare for kids his age and he also has a very long attention span for his books (which is another rarity). I think reading to your children is very important. I still remember those days of my mom reading to me and I love reading to Charlie. The books that I've listed are the ones that are either his "go to" books or his newest obsessions. Enjoy :)

We received this book for Charlie's birthday last weekend and he's in LOVE with it!
I've been obsessed with these books even before Charlie was born.
Linds did a great job on this one! She sure does know Charlie :)

This was another book we recently received for Charlie's birthday. It's about a fish who
stole a hat from another fish. It's funny and I love the illustrations. I highly recommend
it for any kiddo in your life.

Months and months ago, Charlie's Tia & I stumbled across these indestructible
books on a shopping trip. This was the one we picked (for many reasons).
The illustrations in these books are very eye catching for the babes.
Not to mention they're chew proof, rip proof, non-toxic & you can wash them!!
These books are now a staple in every baby shower gift I give. 

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