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the cure for "busy"

Pickles & Chapstick: the cure for "busy"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the cure for "busy"

This weekend has proven to be super busy and I barely left the house. What started off as being in/planning one wedding has turned into two and they're both happening in the same month this spring! Thankfully one set of invites are almost done and the other is in the final draft process. Packing and creating mock up invites took up almost all my day yesterday. So I have 5 bags of clothing that I'm ready to say "peace out" to. We won't discuss the state of the bedroom. Thankfully we won't be much here much longer. This week I'll start going through what furniture "needs to go". The couch was already the first choice since this move started. Oh boy, this should get really fun! This week was another busy one and at times trying. There came a point on Saturday when this mama hit "that point" and needed to get out for a bit and needed some girl time. Linds was thankfully down for a last minute adventure. It really wasn't an adventure but it just sounds better :)

By 8pm I was so exhausted I couldn't feel my legs. I tried to power through some invite ideas but I felt the entire week was hanging on my shoulders and my chest started to feel tight. This is what "busy" starts to feel like. Especially when lack of sleep is involved. I did some stretching and a "bridge" to open up my chest and hopefully get rid of that pesky anxious feeling. When that didn't do much I resorted to a hot bath where I lit some soothing smelling candles and brewed myself my favorite cup of yogi tea. Instead of rushing through it, I forced myself to relax. I'm never amazing at "turning off" my brain. So I just listed what I was thankful for. I "unplugged" from the phone or any social media and turned on something mindless and enjoyable (The Golden Girls) and before I knew it, I was cuddled in bed and didn't wake until 9am. That NEVER happens. This will now be my "go to" cure for busy.

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