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the happiness project

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the happiness project

I started reading The Happiness Project last night. I had just finished a book I was reading and was looking for something that was more of a "light read". I stumbled across this one on amazon and noticed the kindle version was only $4.99 so I couldn't say no. I'm normally one to buy the actual book but I was impatient and couldn't say no to the price. 

Since we're in a new year and some of us are setting goals and making resolutions, I highly recommend reading this book. I think that it might be able to help keep goals and resolutions. The author broke her goals down into months. Certain months she would focus on those certain goals. Genius!! I feel that it's a smarter way about approaching goals and resolutions. Especially if you have several things that you want to work on. Another thing that I enjoyed was she made herself a set of commandments AND she jotted down a few secrets of adulthood that she has learned. 

I'm going to be 29 in a month and it really got me thinking about some of the secrets I have learned in adulthood. It also made me start a list of things I'd like to do in my last year of my "20's" (that's for another day - maybe). I decided to jot down a few and share them. 

 - carry a $1 in change in your wallet (quarters, dimes, nickles & pennies) because you never know when those could be your saving grace.

 - ask for help. it's not a bad thing

 - you're going to hate this but not everyone is going to like you

 - dress in layers if you're unsure about the weather

 - there's a reason why they took the time to make a wedding or baby registry. they would like you to use it.

 - toddlers have puppy like tendencies and you may have a tendency from time to time to treat them like a puppy. Ex. stomping on the ground and a stern "no" to stop them from doing something 

 - if you're not failing every now and then it's because you aren't trying hard enough

 - kill them with kindness

 - laugh and laugh a lot 

 - never compare your beginnings to somebody else's middle

 - nap, pizza, hot bath or a regular coke can be a cure for many things

 - don't be a "part-time" friend and don't be a fake friend 

 - exhaustion and a bad mood can be cured by a quick run or walking like you would with Oprah (aka power walking)

 - you aren't better than anyone & you aren't allowed to judge anyone. every body's lives, choices, daily battles are different and that's okay.  

 - just because you've reached adulthood doesn't mean it's okay to stop using manners. 
What are some of your adulthood secrets?

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