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some east coast snow for new years eve

Pickles & Chapstick: some east coast snow for new years eve

Monday, December 31, 2012

some east coast snow for new years eve

I've been a little MIA over the holidays but our trip back east was kinda crazy (in a good way). Lots of traveling, cramming as many visits with family and friends as we could, snow, snow melting, more snow, wedding planning, etc. I became a bit crazy with the use of the hand sanitizer and having us load up on vitamin c and fluids in hopes that we wouldn't catch those gross germs that were going around. Those nasty germs (ugh!) caught up with us and even caused a stint in the ER. I'm happy to report that we're feeling better!

The best part of 2012? Witnessing Charlie's milestones. This kid loves books, music and dancing. I could go on but watching him grow has been hands down the best part of 2012. As much as I'd love to share photos from 2012 & from our trip back east, I think I may want to keep a majority of them personal. However, I couldn't resist sharing some of these snowy winter wonderland photos I took while we were back east. I hope you all have wonderful New Years Eve!!

2013, we're ready!! xo

bunny prints

watching the snow fall

the snow/ice mixture started to melt but then it snowed again

yes, i went out barefoot for a hot minute. 

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