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Need a sugar fix? Go to Louie Bottega.

Pickles & Chapstick: Need a sugar fix? Go to Louie Bottega.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Need a sugar fix? Go to Louie Bottega.

I had this post ready to go months ago and who the hell knows what happened. 

Have you heard of Louie Bottega? It's a very yummy restaurant and gourmet market in Downtown LA. Before I went on my maternity leave, I had the luxury of working just a few short blocks away. I never dined there but I frequented this place to get my sugar fix. They had numerous flavors of beautiful cupcakes and colorful macaroons to choose from. They also had all sorts of yummy tarts, etc. What else did I love about this place? The boxes you were given if you got something "to go". These photos were taken after I visited there for the first time back in the spring time. 

I love how they put a mini macaroon on top of the cupcakes. 



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