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a work in progress: apartment take 2

Pickles & Chapstick: a work in progress: apartment take 2

Thursday, September 15, 2011

a work in progress: apartment take 2

My lawn ornament squirrel & an old gift basket that now houses junk food chips. Both items live on top of the fridge.  

When I got the idea for this blog project, I was a little nervous. Who knows how long it will take me to get my little place together, will anyone find this interesting, should I just show the finished projects, etc. Then I realized that it's the perfect project to see how my little place evolves. 

The last time I did this kind of post. The couch was still in bits and pieces and so was the dining room. A lot is still in a bit of disarray (embarrassing). I'm very picky about the furniture I want in my apartment so this leaves me finding "creative" ways to display/house my belongings. I'm also running out of storage space.. dun dun dun! Below is some of the progress that has been made.

The couch is put together - yay! Btw - those pillows came with the couch and you couldn't pick out different ones. Those will eventually be changed. My two green crates are housing my collection of DVDs at the moment and a few cardboard boxes are acting as a bookshelf until I find the perfect one.  

My art supplies are still scattered through the dining room. I've been working on several projects and it's easier for my lazy pregnant self to just keep them out instead of bending over constantly to get something out. One dining room chair (not pictured) is put together (thank god!) but there are three that still need to be put together. I have part of a chair that I need to return to a friend because I no longer have room for it. 

The little kitchen. There's still some work that needs to be done on it. I have some artwork that needs to be hung but overall this room & the bathroom are the closest rooms to being "done". I say this now and in a few weeks I'll want to redo the whole thing.  
34 weeks bedroom mirror shot (I hate this mirror). That bag in the right corner is slowly filling up with items that
I will need to bring to the hospital.
Note to self: Put camera back in hospital bag. 



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