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a work in progress: my apartment

Pickles & Chapstick: a work in progress: my apartment

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a work in progress: my apartment

art supplies: these are just some of them. i need to find them a special little spot. 
my koozie collection: not sure how this collection started or why. these also need to find a shelf 
junk drawer: needs organizing... stat!!
the little man's dresser: must wash the cloth diapers, clothes, bibs, etc. change the knobs? (i spy two giants bibs - who was the cool mom who bought those for her little one? oh wait! that'd be me!) 

the bathroom: need to get towels in that purplish grayish color, hang some funky hooks, etc. 

my "version" of a vanity: so much to do with this little area. i need to go thrifting first. 

baby mobile: these elephants will become the little dude's mobile 

a part of my living room: this is what the couch looks like not put together.  
kitchen: pictures need to be hung, need to get the microwave, blender, etc. out of storage
dining room: tada! the table is put together but the chairs are a different story. hopefully this weekend i'll get enough patience to put the tricky things together, if not - i'm taking a baseball bat to them (Office Space style).

Not pictured: my bedroom & closet. Those two areas resemble the aftermath of Woodstock '99.

Things in dire need of: dresser (for me), crib (for the little dude), a funky bookshelf (or two), tv stand (for the tv I don't have but plan on having... one day)

(photos taken with instagram & 1 taken with hipstamatic)

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