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Inspiration: Wedding Ideas

Pickles & Chapstick: Inspiration: Wedding Ideas

Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspiration: Wedding Ideas

My mother's upcoming wedding has caused some interesting arguments. Doesn't this always between mothers and daughters when planning a wedding? Even though her wedding is two years away, we're trying to lay down some solid ideas. We have a feeling once the baby comes, most of the wedding planning will be put on hold. This may be my mother's second wedding but that doesn't mean it's any less special or should be half assed (excuse my language). 

My mother is the traditional one who all of a sudden wants to get married in the same church she married my father in 30 years ago. I find this very strange especially since she hasn't gone to a Catholic church in YEARS (or church for that matter), uhh you already got married there and the church in general has statues which freaks me out. She likes things very simple, classy and did I mention the traditional part? She's one of those people who believes in naming your child Charles instead of Charlie. She enjoys getting her toes done and somehow now enjoys cooking for her fiance. I'm still in shock considering she rarely cooked when I was a kid. 

I'm the very non-traditional one (obviously). I'm more of the outdoorsy type whose style is more rustic modern. I like boho prints, mason jars, outdoor adventures (hiking, camping, etc.) and turning almost everything into a DIY project. These are the things that my mom would call me a "hippie" (she's half joking) and laugh about it. These are also now the things that are starting to annoy her. Below are some ideas of things my mom likes. 

Below are a few of my favorite wedding ideas: 


Hopefully we'll reach a happy medium so her wedding doesn't feel so "stuffy". 

(I'm currently MIA in life right now. So I put together a bunch of posts on Wednesday so I'm hoping these are posting at correct dates, times, etc.)

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