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It was a "lets see The Bangles" kind of night

Pickles & Chapstick: It was a "lets see The Bangles" kind of night

Friday, July 15, 2011

It was a "lets see The Bangles" kind of night

While most people were getting ready to see *Harry Potter, Hope and I opted to see The Bangles (for free) at the Santa Monica Pier. It was nice just to bring a beach blanket and hang out on the beach and listen to music. At first I noticed people who brought picnic baskets with them and they had cheese and crackers. As time went on I noticed people who had lights, mini camping tables, plastic wine glasses, flags and some even brought sushi. Some of the stuff I thought was a bit much. Plastic wine glasses? Use a red cup! Yeah, that's right the same red cup you used in beer pong. Sushi? I guess whatever floats your boat but I think that's a bit much. Next time we're coming prepared with snacks, warmer clothes and maybe something pointless like an obnoxious light or a flag so all of our friends can find us.

*For the record I WILL be seeing Harry Potter sometime soon. Some of us feel that midnight is pushing it these days. I blame being pregnant :)   


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