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She's Crafty: housewarming gift idea

Pickles & Chapstick: She's Crafty: housewarming gift idea

Thursday, October 11, 2012

She's Crafty: housewarming gift idea

My best friend just moved into a new place with her boyfriend. I had already bought her a beautiful set of wine glasses that I found for uber cheap (thank you, homegoods!). While debating what else I should get her I stumbled across this cat shaped bottle of Riesling. Which turns out to be perfect. My best friend is obsessed with cats and will only drink sweet wine. Instead of putting the purrfect wine into a wine bag I opted for a pretty dish towel. 

The best way to wrap the wine bottle in the dish towel is to lay out the dish towel and place the bottle of wine in the middle. 

Fold up all the sides and tie the top with a ribbon. (Sorry this photo is so blurry. I blame a shaky hand.)

Voila! It's a perfect housewarming gift, host/hostess gift, etc. The wine and dish towel both can be found at World Market.  

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