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a weekend in pictures

Pickles & Chapstick: a weekend in pictures

Monday, October 1, 2012

a weekend in pictures

a little blurry but still adorable. saturday family morning snuggle sessions are a must. 
Eeeek! Today is the first day of my favorite month! I'm so happy for today that I could care less that I'm up with Charlie at 5am. At night I've noticed that crisp smell that brings promise of fall weather. We're still experiencing summer like weather here in LA. As much as I'm annoyed that it's 90 degrees in fall, I'm still sucking it up as much as possible (can we say beach trips?). We started decorating for Halloween and by we I mean me. Some people think I needed to wait until October to start decorating but I couldn't resist especially since my little helper was so eager to help and by help I mean take everything out of the bags and put them in his mouth. C seems to find the finish product visually appeasing. He'll sit and stare at the decorations. Which makes me even more excited to decorate for more upcoming holidays! I was out of commission all of Saturday due to a migraine. I spent most of the day sleeping and this party animal was in bed by 8pm. Wasn't thrilled that I had to miss my bff's going away party. I came alive around 11 on Sunday. Just in time to have a play date with our favorite pup. The rest of the day was filled with entertaining a cranky baby. Calming down a cranky babe means you're the one to miss the Giants game (let's not discuss the loss, k?). Thanks to Linds for accompanying us on our evening walk and entertaining C so I could quickly shovel something into my mouth.   

My morning running buddy. We didn't lose a sock. He insisted on not wearing it.
Charlie doesn't follow trends, people. He creates them. 

Charlie breakfast: scrambled eggs w/Kale, grapes and strawberries

Having a child who is exploring his surroundings and feeling the need to touch and grab everything means
having to decorate with child friendly items. Both pumpkins are light weight and from Target (both for under $4.) and the owl is from the dollar store. 

I wasn't sure about the fake web stuff but Charlie stares at it for hours so it serves it's purpose. My favorite
piece here is the mummy rat from World Market. 

I'm not sure how long this will be living on my dining room table but for now it will do. I couldn't pass up the
Frankenstein appetizer plate at World Market (hello! a 1.99?) and I'm sure Charlie will appreciate it when he gets to be a bit older. Online they sell the Frankenstein & Dracula plates for $3.98. I found those skeleton arm salad servers at Target for $5.00. I saw the "classier" version on Pottery Barn last year. Since they were only $5.00 (we're on a budget) and Charlie seemed to enjoy them, I bought them. The three skulls were found at the .99 store. Still not sure how I feel about them. 

Finishing Charlie's 1st birthday invites

my little bookworm

I'll talk about this project for Charlie's birthday a little bit later but I made major progress on it. 

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