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flashback fridays

Pickles & Chapstick: flashback fridays

Friday, September 28, 2012

flashback fridays

1997 - at a photo shoot that she was doing make up for

Flashback Fridays is back! This post is dedicated to my bff of 20 years. We've been through it all together (hair colors, hair styles, death of a parent, pregnancy, break ups, make ups, etc.) and even though we may have our moments, she gets me and I get her. We've never once judged one another because what's the point, everyone makes mistakes! That's real friendship right there! Three years after I moved to California she followed in my footsteps and did the same. I'm sure it had nothing to do with wanting to go to make up school and it was all about being closer to me. All kidding aside, she's always been a 20 minute drive away and now she's moving an hour away. An hour too far if you ask me but I'm supportive of her newest adventure in her life. 

2006 - Lauren visits and we go to Disneyland

2008 w/our "other" half Jessi

2008 - First day of Warped in Pomona
(So hot. So gross. Thank god buses have ac!)

2008 - after party on top of the music box w/Lauren's new friend Curtis 

2008 - end of warped tour drinks w/Mike 

2009 - before we saw Snoop Dogg w/Jorie and Jessi

2009 - typical 

2010 - having a little too much fun 

2011 - fun aunt Lauren holds Charlie for the first time
(this picture makes me melt every time)



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