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Mother's Day gift ideas

Pickles & Chapstick: Mother's Day gift ideas

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother's Day gift ideas

Too bad they aren't french bulldog ears but these kitty ears will pass. Too cute!
 Mother's Day... the day to show your appreciation for the mama in your life with flowers and brunches. While I'm a fan of brunches I'm not a fan of flowers (they're pretty and I love the bouquets people come up with but I'm allergic - hardcore). It's holidays like these that most women in the blogging world make gift guides and I will be joining in on the fun as well. Here are some items that I'm currently drooling over. To be honest, it was hard creating this. There was nothing I was "dying" to have. Oh, and people out there buying for mother's - don't buy them presents that their child can use or that's for their child. They deserve to be spoiled. Treat those mamas out there well. They have a very tough job :)
About a month or so ago I visited the dry bar for my first time and I was blown away (pun intended).
It was kinda like heaven in there. I had an assortment of magazines at my fingertips, an adult beverage
and no one was jumping on my leg or slapping the fridge for food. I normally hate getting my hair done
(long hair = takes forever) but this is a real treat! 

i've been wanting one of these since I was pregnant. i have a cute little rhinestone one that I received
at my baby shower and i still wear it but i really want one of these stamped ones. would it be weird
to get two because Penelope has recently joined the family? yes? 

I discovered this place when I was pregnant. While I'm normally not into getting my nails done
reguarly (I pick my nailpolish off the next day) this was a nice treat and I love how clean and relaxing
this place is.

my best friend and I found this tank top as we were leaving forever 21 the other day.
safe to say we're obsessed with it. i'm sure my mom would cringe at the fact
that i'm putting this on here but c'mon! who doesn't love biggie?! 

I have always had a love for mason jars. Maybe those 3 years spent living in Texas are to blame?
While browsing on etsy I found this and I'm instantly obsessed with it.
Mason Jar + French bulldog = obsessed
I've been DYING to own a french bulldog for years now (Sorry Penelope).

love! love! love!

a mama can dream, right?
My clutch collection is a bit outdated. This would be perfect for the rare occasion I go out or even
the perfect size to throw into the diaper bag. I would give this a clutch a nice home!

I'm just throwing this on here because I always throw a laptop and a camera on any "gift idea" list I create. Why? My computer is a dinosaur. I wish I could be exaggerating but I'm not. Half the time I can't visit websites or do certain things on it because the software is outdated and it's a bit too much $$ to update. I'm sure I could replace the battery so it wouldn't need to stay plugged in all the time but I barely have enough time to take an uninterrupted shower. I'm surprised I'm able to quickly bust out this post. Oh, and my dinosaur of a computer also has a half broken cord. Yup, it's always powering down for no reason. Mama needs new computer - stat!! 

I've been wanting an SLR for years now.. YEARS! As Charlie gets older and now that I have Penelope,
I feel the need for a better camera. A mama can dream, right? 

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