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phew!! my wedding season is officially over!

Pickles & Chapstick: phew!! my wedding season is officially over!

Monday, July 1, 2013

phew!! my wedding season is officially over!

The month of June is over which means my "wedding season" has officially wrapped. The past two weeks have been very busy for me and I feel like every day was filled with at least one (if not more) responsibilities that was wedding related. Instead of writing a list like I usually do, I kept it all in my head which led to little sleep which to caffeine overdose which eventually leads to anxiety (at least for me). So lesson learned - lists are your friend, Rachel!! In the midst of the chaos I enjoyed every minute of it (for the most part). I enjoyed visiting with friends from out of town and getting to spend some quality time with my favorite munchkins. My best friend Lauren came to the hotel to do everyone's make up and she did a beautiful job (like always). Everyone looked beautiful especially the bride! I did one of the bridesmaids updo and I did my own. With help from one of the bridesmaids I was able to work with my dress malfunction (I hope I never to buy another dress from a certain inexpensive bridal chain again). I'm so happy for my friends and so excited for their future together!! 

ps: In the midst of all this wedding hoopla one of my best friends (more like my seeeeeester) got engaged!! So stinkin' excited and happy for her!! 

sucked up every moment I could with my favorite little Abbey

the day i consumed at least 5 red bulls 

these kiddos were a huge help when i was preparing one of the rehersal dinner appetizers 


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