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more about 18 months

Pickles & Chapstick: more about 18 months

Friday, May 3, 2013

more about 18 months

This past Monday was Charlie's 18 month "birthday". I kept getting weepy throughout the day. How is my baby almost two?! Where does the time go? I feel like we were just celebrating his first birthday! Since 18 months is a BIG deal, I decided to try to make the day extra special for him. We took Penelope on extra walks (a perk for both of them), made pizzas for lunch and dinner, took a few trips to the park, etc. Auntie Hope (one of my best friends and Charlie's god mama whom he shares a bday with) paid a visit which made us so happy. Little tidbit: We originally we're gonna have Auntie Hope take Penelope when we found her but our beloved Ringo and her weren't a fan of one another. So this is how we ended with Penelope. I have been insanely busy lately so I've not only been slacking in the blogging department but also taking legit photos with my "real" camera. I even made sure Charlie had a tinfoil hat since he missed out on one the other night except I failed miserably at trying to create one. We even finished the day off with a single somewhat healthy cupcake with a candle (that I had to blow out for him). 

Now that we're officially entering hardcore toddler years it's an interesting journey. They have so much they want to communicate but can't find the words or sometimes actions? You try to help them out as much as possible but they're still left frustrated. Toddlers live in this little world where they aren't very aware of others. Charlie can be like this but he's the ultra compassionate kind who will stop what he's doing to let you know he loves you. He does with Penelope too and it just warms my heart. Did I tell you how much I love this kid? Motherhood has been one of the biggest learning experiences. Watching your child grow from this little helpless baby into this little human being is one of the best things you could ever witness. I'm amazed with how much he's a mix of his father and I. Seriously. It's insane. This kid is so lucky to have the amount of love that he does on a consistent basis from his father and I and the people we've chosen to surround ourselves with.  

Life has already been crazy the past few weeks thanks to Charlie, rescuing Penelope and trying to get her acclimated to her new life, relationships, projects, weddings, etc. It's about to even get crazier cause we're throwing a move into the mix along with other plans that I can't currently talk about but get me so darn giddy :) So if I'm MIA that's why. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!   

snuggles with his best friend. look at that hand on penelope's paw - aww!

Since Charlie missed out on the tinfoil hat party we had recently, I constructed one
for him. I obviously need to leave the "sculpting" to John. Maybe I'm just the
"ideas" one :) 

i love them together 

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At May 9, 2013 at 6:01 AM , Blogger Leigh Ann Fisher said...

Very cute. I feel like the ideas one too. I'm getting weepy around here knowing my oldest is turning 15 in July!!


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