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she's crafty: halloween decorations

Pickles & Chapstick: she's crafty: halloween decorations

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

she's crafty: halloween decorations

Both pumpkins are fake and were bought for under $5 at Target.
That owl was found at the smelly .99 store.

The last time I decorated for Halloween was 10+ years ago and it wasn't even my house. It was a family friend's who happened to be an old babysitter but she was obsessed with all things Halloween and scary. So when I moved on my own, I never really decorated. I worked all the time or I had roommates and I never felt like anything was really "mine". I knew once I had a child I'd feel differently about holidays. Last year I was 9 months pregnant and experiencing braxton hicks like crazy so decorating was the last thing on my mind. I knocked out two mini crafts last year due to boredom surrounding early maternity leave. I wanted to make things, especially holidays a BIG deal for them. My little one may be too young to remember this now but he'll sit and stare and sometimes he'll try crawling off with a pumpkin. It's these little moments that I know it's totally worth it :) 

Since I'm on a budget my key factor was cost. The other factor in the situation was "kid friendly" since I have a very grabby almost one year old on my hand. You may remember I started talking about the decorations on this post. This is the finished product. I'd like to warn people how deadly the fake web is. Our fan was five feet away from the web and somehow the web wound up getting caught in the fan and breaking it. Funny yet kinda tragic (considering it's still mucho hot in LA). 

The fake web and spiders were bought at the smelly .99 store along with the beaker.
I bought the mummy rat at World Market. 

Michaels had the crows for 50% off. Since they were 50% I decided it was okay to buy them. 

I also bought the spiders because they were also 50% off. I put my gallery wall back up just so I could use these wall decals. I'm fully aware I'll have to take the entire wall down soon and pack it all up. Pardon the
photos that are a bit "off". I may or may not have big foot relatives who live above me.   

I made those trio of Halloween photos last year using graphics found here. I put one of
the crows right above the light switch. 

I won't miss these windows. The "creepy" fabric I found at Michaels for 50% and decided to add some spiders and crows to it. 

These eyeballs in a jar were the easiest DIY decoration ever and may have been the cheapest?
I'll be posting about that later :) 

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