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she's crafty: an artsy themed birthday on a budget

Pickles & Chapstick: she's crafty: an artsy themed birthday on a budget

Friday, July 26, 2013

she's crafty: an artsy themed birthday on a budget

I'm a big fan of birthdays (you know, other people's). I mean that's your one little holiday all for yourself! annnnnnd since it's your own little holiday you deserve it to be tailored to who you are! My boyfriend is an artist so I kinda rolled with that idea with a few other touches that I thought he'd enjoy (and he did). My main factor was cost because the funds are super tight these days so I had to get creative.

Some guys are a fan of cake and others are a fan of angel food cake. Normally I'd bake one but we already had a box mix laying around (i may have cringed at admitting that).

Usually I like doing table centerpieces with one of my boho place mats/napkins from world market with my mason jars filled with flowers and a candle. Even if it does look nice, that's me, that's not him. I took kraft paper and splattered some paint on it. That became the place mat that I'd set everything on. I even managed to get those paints on sale at Michaels.  

I incorporated his can of liquitex matte gel into the mix. It would up being the perfect size to set the easel I had made out of wooden dowel rods. The dowel rods were both under a $1. I may or may not have to replace a bread knife. I mean, not everyone had a saw laying around. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I could've done flowers but throwing paintbrushes and other art supplies into a mason jar seemed to fit the little theme I had going on.  

Angel food cake with black pearls (bb lookalikes). I looked high and low for those little silver balls that used to come on Christmas cookies but come to find out they're illegal in the state of California and can kill you or something. Awesome. You know how many of those things I ate as a kid? I've been dying to own a cake stand but can never find one I actually like so I decided to improvise. I used a shot glass and sat the plate on top. Voila! 

For a hot second I was feeling lazy and almost bought one of these banners in the store and after staring at the colors it hit me - you can't hang a pastel colored banner for your boyfriend! So I chose some fun scrapbook paper and made my own (it was cheaper this way too). I even made a little happy birthday sign that I put on our deer head. 

All together I think I spent roughly $25 on decor (and that may be pushing it). I spent a good portion of time stressing over being able to afford a fancy dinner, the constant did I buy enough or do I buy more, etc. Sometimes when you love and care about someone you find yourself wanting to do more for them even though what you're doing may be enough. Yesterday was a nice little reminder that fancy dinners can be overrated and all that matters is being present and in the company of those you enjoy. Everything else great that may happen is just bonus points. Oh, and aren't those drinking glasses the coolest? The birthday boy has good taste :)

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At July 29, 2013 at 9:42 AM , Blogger Sara Gerard said...

This was so much fun to read! I love all of the crafty personal touches you made! I LOVE crafting for other people, it is fun!


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