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Pickles & Chapstick: growth

Friday, August 2, 2013


After my post-face time session with Charlie, I was sitting on the balcony staring at our plants (mostly succulents) when I noticed something. There's little baby succulents growing! When I first moved in with my boyfriend, I had one succulent plant that was looking a little dead. I tried not to let it show how concerned I was about it. I bought it right after Charlie was born and found the perfect pot for it, etc. After all the changes I was already going through, I wasn't ready to lose that plant too. At first it was an adjustment for me, living somewhere new, living with grown ups again, trying to function and live life without having my little chicken around 24/7. Since I'm a nester at heart, I decided my little plant needed some more friends. Our plants have become my babies (along with my hermit crab). Not sure if I shared that news but yes, I'm a proud hermit crab mama. I'll discuss that topic/decision at another time. 

Changes and growth aren't always meant to be easy. I find myself wanting to rush through this period and find a way to feel "okay" again or find where I "fit" in this new chapter of my life. Everything I've grown to know the past two years has changed. I'm scared because as promising as the future is, it's still uncertain. While there's a large part of me that likes to be spontaneous and jump head first into things, there's an overly cautious side of myself. The side that doesn't want to get hurt again, the side that needs some sort of stability, etc. Life is strange and it's really strange to think that people who were once huge parts of your life, are no longer a part of it. Sometimes you're left missing old friendships or the "good ole days" but I guess that's a part of "growing". Learning who wants to grow with you and who doesn't. I've been through times that were amazing, that were extremely difficult, that i didn't understand, etc. I've grown in the past two years, I've grown in the past year and I've grown in the past several months. I guess that's the beauty of life and changes, you get to keep trying to better yourself and that's what I've been trying to do.. everyday.

I love that my old & new plants have new growth happening. In a way it's kinda symbolic. We're growing quite well in our new environment. I guess a little TLC will do that for you. Every day may not be perfect but at least you tried and tomorrow is a new beginning to try again. Yeah, Yeah, I know. Totally cheesy but very true.   


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