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Pickles & Chapstick

Pickles & Chapstick: November 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

oh, you fancy huh?

Yesterday was a rainy LA day (my favorite kind of day, personally). No outside run/walks for us today. Instead I bundled us up in leggings, stripes, beanies and rain boots for me. I get really excited to wear them. I remember being sooo excited to wear them constantly during a weekend to trip to Big Bear one year (such a dork). I decided to bust out the camera and take a few pics of us wearing semi matching outfits (I liked his striped sweater more). Not horrible for using the self timer on the trunk of my car. Not super stoked on the angles but hey! it's a self timer! (dork) His beanie was a bit big so it kept moving all over the place. This kid has a better wardrobe than I do. Who says boys clothes aren't fun?! :)

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

french bulldogs

If you know me, you know how much I love french bulldogs. I am obsessed with french bulldogs (along with chocolate labs, pigs, baby wild cats, penguins, etc.). French bulldogs aren't too big so they're easy to fit in the car, traveling, and in smaller places (like a one bedroom apartment) unlike a chocolate lab. Yes, I know dogs should have a yard and a large place to live but that doesn't stop me from wanting one. I'm told Charlie is enough right now and that getting a puppy might be too overwhelming with a almost walking one year old but that doesn't stop my obsession. I asked "Santa" for one. I'd like a frenchie or something with an opal but I'd prefer the puppy. I even have a name picked out. Which is pretty amazing considering I have the hardest time picking out a name for a child. *fingers crossed* 

(1 2 3 4)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

wednesday wants with a little of this & a little of that

Loving this opal ring. I've really wanted a piece of jewelry with an opal since Charlie's
birth (it's his birthstone). I'd buy myself something but it's bad luck to buy
yourself an opal. 

 - beaded little pouch? gimme gimme!

 - gold shimmer twine just in time for the holidays!

 - i'll need these to help with my future organic endeavors

 - Lincoln is one president I want to read more about. I still really want to see the movie.

i dream about the day i get to visit istanbul

 - some layering ideas to get more use out of your clothes

 - his little lady wrote a great post about "the sin of comparison" (we all fall victim to it)

 - can't wait to try out the "chestnut bun". maybe at christmas?

 - i keep reading about the factory fire in Bangladesh and it just breaks my heart and makes me sick. the new york times wrote an interesting article about it.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

holiday decor (on a budget)

I am so sick right now (tis the season!). I swear since I got pregnant, it has killed my immune system. There's no sick days when you're a full-time mama. As much as I want to lay on the couch and nap (constantly), I can't because I have to finish up a huge batch of "thank you" cards I was hired to create. Oh, and decorate. Don't ask me why I feel I HAVE to decorate when I'm feeling this crappy. 

Enough of that unimportant stuff... I've found that it is possible to decorate on a budget and have it look nice. It may not look exactly like that $20.00 item you want in the store but you can come really close. Before I decorate for any holiday, I look around my place and see what I already own and elaborate on that. I already owned a vase or two but then I inherited all those vases from all those floral arrangements. That was like striking gold. Vases are expensive (kinda redic). Last year I was really into the "blues" (maybe because I was feeling really blue?) and this year I'm over it. This whole gold and glitter look started rubbing off on me (i have no idea why either). If you know me, you know I loathe glitter. Remember when it was cool to wear glitter as make-up or have glitter lotion? I opted out of that trend. Getting back on track... I decided to buy some new ornaments this year for a tree I may or may not have (more on that later). Michaels has some great sales and check the website for coupons because they have some great ones. Due to a lovely 30% off your purchase coupon from Michaels I saw, I opted to go there. My entire trip cost me under $20.00 and that included all the items I got side tracked with (typical. always happens in that store). So here's some inexpensive holiday decor ideas :)  

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Monday, November 26, 2012

holiday gift guide: 10 for under $10

Here's some more gift ideas. Here are my picks for 10 under $10. I hope you will find them helpful. Enjoy!

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a weekend in pictures

My home has been filled with flowers since Tuesday. As lovely as they are to look at, knowing why they're here kinda stings. I've taken some of the arrangements apart and made mini ones. I had to throw some of them out because some of us were highly allergic to some of the flowers. Then the babe got sick and decided to share (sharing is caring!). Now here I am with a sweet achy bod, fever and cough. oy.....  

holy fog, batman

a snippet from my marathon *training*

He had to get up and close personal with his hero (Eli Manning) after the Giants win. 


Friday, November 23, 2012

flashback friday

I was trying to clean up my computer last night because it runs like a dinosaur (and I should start seriously thinking about buying a new one) when I came across my old photos from b.c. (before Charlie). I've been known to be an emotional cutter and dyer. Except my teenage years. My hair was my rebellion. It was every color and streaked every color under the sun. Moving on.. When I was going through a rough time (relationship wise) I'd be notorious for chopping at my hair or dyeing it. Kinda silly but hey whatever works for ya.  Once I became pregnant I stopped this habit and just let my hair go natural. I'm glad I came across these photos when I did because I've just been.. yeah, I'm not going there.. BUT I was about to grab the scissors and hair dye again. No joke. I almost went to Target last night and was almost willing to put up that chaos just to get hair dye.  

So for this Flashback Friday I will share those photos of my chopped off locks and those times I went blonde. I know you've been on the edge of your seats. So here you go... 

January 2004? Hi, I'm about to turn 20 and I just chopped off
my hair into this hairdo. Like those martini glasses I painted
around my door? (martini glasses? blame a Sinatra/Elvis phase)  

February 2004 - Most likely toying with the idea of just packing up and
leaving PA. It's also probably the last time I drank a sunkist (pictured
in the background).  
Winter 2004 - Helllllo Los Angeles. Like my sassy platinum "bed head"?
Remember web cams? Those last three photos were taken with one.
major nerd alert!
I somehow managed to go a bit without dyeing or cutting it and then it happened all over again...
Summer 2004 - I'm all like "kinda sad" so lets chop off my hair again
and dye it "honey". Like my nose piercing? I lost it 3 months later.
(don't worry I'd get it redone 3x over the next 6 years.)

Winter 2005 - This picture is all "I probably am going through something gnarly (again)
so I decided to cut my own hair and dye it this bad shade of blonde."
I wonder what ever happened to those pearls... 
A few years went by and I actually let my hair grow out and I didn't do anything major to it. Need proof? 
Here you go:

Sometime in late 2007 - Completely normal with my two roommates
no cable? no internet? not a problem... just take stupid pictures! 
January 2008 (shortly after New Years?) - chopped off my locks and went out on Main St.
with some of my best girls. 

Spring 2009 - Got a sweet angled cut while having bangs? No bueno.
Oh, and the bra peeping out.. classy. That's right. You work it, girl. pfft!
Kinda sad that MJ necklace broke.   

September 2009 - I was growing out my hair but I decided to go blonde? Haven't you learned your
lesson? Good heavens, girl!
Tina & I should be awarded a prize for "best sunglasses" at that party

annnnnd I decided to dye my clip in extensions the same color (don't miss those suckers). I went brunette
shortly after this. Maybe to celebrate the Giants beating the Cowboys in the Cowboys new stadium? :)   

June 2010 - This was the last time I lightened my hair. I sprained my wrist (i think?) & everyone took full advantage to poke and nudge it. This would explain my face in this photo.
Noted: never go out to a crowded bar (like the waterfront) when injured. 

Aren't you happy you took that trip down memory lane with me? I'm off to "train" so I can *hopefully* be ready to *maybe* run a marathon in the spring (no joke - more on that later). Happy Black Friday y'all! 

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

We had a very low key Thanksgiving this year. Worked out perfectly since there was a very sick babe. Everything was whipped up very last minute. All in all it was a nice low key day.  

Charlie's first "turkey hand"
There's so much I'm thankful for but most of all I'm thankful for my little munchkin. I'm thankful that I get to be his mama and I'm thankful that I get to raise him & share this journey with a pretty awesome guy. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! xoxo

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

holiday gift ideas: stocking stuffers - for the babe & the munchkin

1. natural baby rattle & teether 2. baby mittens 3. nerdy/cute onesies (thinkgeek has a ton of nerdy/awesome baby onesies) 4. sophie teether 5. baby brush (love love!) 6. baby tube socks 7. vampire paci 8. baby helicopter 9. chevron swaddling blankets 10. baby toothbrush  

1. fabric sun art kit 2. secret message writing set 3. silly straw glasses 4. emergency clown nose 5. fashion coloring book 6. milk straws 7. mustaches 8. piggy paint (perfect kiddy nail polish. no nasty chemicals) 9. around the world puzzle 10. temporary tattoos

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Monday, November 19, 2012


Eeeep!!! I'm happy to announce that I *finally* opened my etsy shop. It's been a work in progress for a looooooong time. I currently have a few items listed but I will be adding more when I get a chance. I'm also trying to bust out a few posts so it won't be dead on the blog. Below is the link to my store :)

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a weekend in pictures

I know most people never want their weekends to end but I'm more than happy that this weekend is finally over. Good god that was an exhausting one!! Yesterday Charlie and I drove out to the "909" to hit up a friend's birthday party. Charlie doesn't interact with a lot of kids and I don't know anyone else out here who has kids so it was a nice change of pace for the both of us. I was amazed with how kind the little kids were with him. It was also cute to see him crawl after the big kids and try to do everything they did. After most of the kids left I took him into the bounce house. I'm not sure I can find enough words to describe my hatred for them. Germ infested and good god do they smell (so of course the kids would like it haha). I was surrounded by pregnant mamas expecting more babes and the constant talk of things that grossed them out rubbed off on me. Raw meat. poultry and seafood is no longer my friend. All that hard work was thrown out the window! This week is proving busy and it's only Monday morning. Oh, and that Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday? Yeah, still have made no plans what so ever for that. 

I did a such a great job with my "highlights" that you can barely see them. I'm actually pretty satisfied with them. 

Last minute I realized that I needed a card for Dylan's gift. I made this. He liked it. Win!
I loved that Dylan's gramma found that batman candle from when her kids were little.
My brother had that exact candle on one of his cakes 15+ years ago haha. 

Dylan got this sweet Batman snuggie. I had to give it a try. I'm asking Santa for one. 

Charlie paused from playing to keep tabs on the football game. 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

holiday gift ideas: stocking stuffers - for the tween & teen

1. desktop dogs 2. batgirl nail art 3. lego mini storage boxes 4. instant snow 5. worry dolls 6. reindeer speakers 7. soda lip balm 8. snowball maker 9. flying origami 10. krink paint markers

1. butt station assistant 2. ticket stub diary 3. shark tea infuser 4. silicone mini speakers 5. what happened bandages 6. slushie mug 7. drumstick pencils 8. set of 3 beanies 9. bacon socks 10. critters lip balm 

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

holiday gift ideas: stocking stuffers for the dude or lady in your life

i come from a family that has a tendency to start their holiday shopping in the summertime. i have always found this really annoying until recently when i started my holiday shopping later and later and i could never find the "perfect" present for the people i was shopping for. while i still think summertime is a bit too early to start your holiday shopping, i think the earlier you start the better off you'll be. i also find that sometimes it's very easy to get "stumped" on what to get people. this is why i decided to share some of my "ideas" for holiday shopping. some of these "ideas" i either have given and they were a hit, i've liked or i've heard they were good. i hope the holiday gift series will help or inspire you!!

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