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Pickles & Chapstick

Pickles & Chapstick: December 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

some east coast snow for new years eve

I've been a little MIA over the holidays but our trip back east was kinda crazy (in a good way). Lots of traveling, cramming as many visits with family and friends as we could, snow, snow melting, more snow, wedding planning, etc. I became a bit crazy with the use of the hand sanitizer and having us load up on vitamin c and fluids in hopes that we wouldn't catch those gross germs that were going around. Those nasty germs (ugh!) caught up with us and even caused a stint in the ER. I'm happy to report that we're feeling better!

The best part of 2012? Witnessing Charlie's milestones. This kid loves books, music and dancing. I could go on but watching him grow has been hands down the best part of 2012. As much as I'd love to share photos from 2012 & from our trip back east, I think I may want to keep a majority of them personal. However, I couldn't resist sharing some of these snowy winter wonderland photos I took while we were back east. I hope you all have wonderful New Years Eve!!

2013, we're ready!! xo

bunny prints

watching the snow fall

the snow/ice mixture started to melt but then it snowed again

yes, i went out barefoot for a hot minute. 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a few snapshots from back east

Baking with my Oma. That rolling pin is 100+ years old & those cookie cutters are
in their 70s.  

Our trip is slowly wrapping up and it's getting harder and harder to say good-bye to friends and family especially since little Charlie has been added to the mix. This trip has been jammed packed with lots of family, snow (yes, snow!), yummy home cooked food, Christmas movies, baking & naps. I've been loading us up on vitamin c, fluids and bought a ton of hand sanitizer in hopes we won't catch the germs that have been going around. As I write this, the snow is falling and nothing makes me happier. I hope you all have been enjoying your holiday! xoxo       

::insert Bruce Springsteen's Jersey Girl::
one of our many car rides between states   

hot cocoa with marshmallows in mason jars make the perfect gift if you have a lot of family
(like we do)


magical snow = snow on christmas morning

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

cause sometimes you need to laugh

The holidays sometimes brings out the worst in people. People go crazy over what to buy others, short tempers, melt downs, expectations not being met, etc. I think from time to time we all fall victim to this so what better way to snap out of it? Laughter. I deal with a lot of things by making it funny or learning to laugh at it. You can't take life too seriously or you'll never make it out alive. Today I got lost (again!) but this time it was me trying to be all "slick" and taking back roads to avoid toll roads on my way to one of the largest malls on the east coast. Oh, and to hit up the Whole Foods there since my little city doesn't have one. I mean how can people live without their organic apples for $3-4 a pound?! So we leave the mall and guess what? I'm so fed up that I forget to stop at Whole Foods and I take the toll road the whole way home. I probably shook my fist at one point too. Okay, no I didn't but I thought it would add effect to what I was describing. What does one do in a mood like this? Hearing Bob River's "12 Pains Of Christmas" lightened the mood a little bit but I came home and browsed the internet for "funny things". Yes, this is what I do to lighten any harsh mood. It always works like a charm. Especially the piano playing cat. So I've decided to share some of my "faves". Hopefully these put a smile on your face :) 
you know you want to laugh at this

This cat doesn't seem thrilled to be wearing that hat and will probably sleep on it's
owners face tonight. 

this show makes me laugh every single time

this squirrel is fancy and you know it

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Charlie doesn't want to play in any reindeer games 
Yesterday Charlie and I ventured out on our own. Every year that I don't move home is another year I forget how to get around the little city I grew up in. On our way back I realized I had no idea where I was going but my inner man refused to stop and ask for directions. Oh, and by asking directions I mean looking at google maps on my phone. I was certain one road would run into another and I'd know where I was. 45 minutes later I wound up three cities over. Upon our arrival home I got bored and made Charlie take these photos with me. It's a mother's job to torment your child like that :) Later on after he found someone better to hang out with, I decided to venture out at night on my own sans glasses. I forgot how dark suburban streets are at night and not to mention that I'm in deer country and I found myself breaking every few minutes thinking I saw one. Nope, just a plastic bag. Note to self: wear glasses at night so you aren't breaking for litter.   

Ho Ho Ho - Pretty sure my child is counting the days till daddy gets here. Me too, kid. Me too. 

I packed some of my craft materials. I mean, that's completely normal, right? 

My "holiday" wrapping this year. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

creative christmas finds

(bookshelf tree - found here
 We're a bit sluggish around these parts (jet lag). Charlie is enjoying the never ending attention from family and getting to run around in such a large space. Oh, and I'm pretty sure this kid thinks Santa already came because who needs toys when you have steps!! I'm getting tired just thinking about how much running around I've been doing and we've only been here for 24 hours. I forgot how quiet and dark my old bedroom is (perfect for sleeping or escaping from the madness). I'm still feeling pretty "eh" and it's not because of the Giants pathetic game this past weekend. That darn center of my universe by forevermark commercial has made me cry a few times and that's just pathetic but I guess it's better than crying at one of those Kay Jewelers commercials. Today I came across these "creative" holiday finds on the web today and they brightened my day just a bit and maybe they'll do the same for you! I thought they were pretty rad so I had to share :)
(yarn snow family - found here
(paintbrush wreath - found here)

(lego snow globes - found here)

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

holiday cards

I just wanted to quickly share our holiday card this year. I decided to do my own little photo shoot w/Charlie. I had every intention of creating the card but since I'm swamped in card projects as we speak, I decided to find a design I liked best online. I decided to use tinyprints. They had a lovely selection and I enjoyed being able to pick the color envelope I wanted. They also were pretty darn speedy with delivering them too!

I may be a little "MIA" this week. Charlie and I leave on Saturday for our trip back east. We're leaving a few days earlier than papa bear so that means extra prepping. Those extra hands are always helpful when traveling so when you don't have them, you need to pack smart. I also have a few projects that I need to wrap up before I leave. This past weekend something happened. I started feeling "off". I was at a family party on Saturday night and I could barely eat or drink and if I sat down, I was fearful I'd fall asleep. Sunday I spent the entire day napping on the couch. The last time I did that was when Green Bay won the Super Bowl almost two years ago! So I'm listening to the doctor's orders of keeping the "stressing out" to a minimum, no marathon training, eat regularly (so hard but so important) & nap when Charlie does. Guess this is the "season" for wearing yourself out (or so I was told today). Here's to hoping I can relax while snacking on candy cane joe-joe's. Speaking of those, I'm almost out. Grrr.

Monday, December 10, 2012

holiday gift guide: for the #1 guy in your life

woah! best food basket ever by new york mouth
what music lover wouldn't love an artsy fartsy print of their favorite band? 

this little guy will help him take amazing photos with his iphone 5. 

help keep their furniture water ring free with these personalized leather coasters

vinyl bookends. pretty darn creative.  

a nerdy ice cube tray because regular ice cubes are boring

what's better than getting beef jerky? getting beef jerky every month

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

mmmm snow

Sometimes when life gets hectic I like taking a visual vacation for a few minutes to decompress. Sometimes it will be a tropical location, sometimes it will be somewhere exotic. Maybe it's this time of year but i've been missing the cold weather and snow. There's something magical about snow. I love how peaceful it is after a good snowfall. Everything is covered in blankets of white. It's just beautiful. The last time I saw snow was almost two years ago in Big Bear. I remember I tried making some sort of snow animal and I failed miserably at it. I used to love to look out my bedroom window into our back yard and see little animal foot prints in the snow. Usually they were from the deer that came up from the field or birds. I was always the child that would try to be graceful while stepping in the snow. I didn't want to disturb it too much. Then there was my brother who would run out and jump into it with a nerf gun and the pretty snow was no more. I came across these photos that helped with my "visual vacation" tonight. It's also helping me get excited for our upcoming trip back east. I'm off to indulge in a hot shower and snuggle up and watch Home Alone. What do you do to decompress?    

(photos: 1 2 3 4 5)

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Wants

alphabet rings
(been in love with these for quite sometime. i need a "c" please. my finger is a 6.5 hehe) 

Today's Wednesday Wants is dedicated to some items on my "wish list". Who knows if I'll even get any of these items but a girl can wish, right? ::sigh:: 

deer cookie jar
(for the cookies i never eat) 

initial stamped necklace
(i've been wanting one of these f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I want a little "c" for my little c) 

what will you do today notebooks
(love. love. love.)

Weekender Tote
(I wish I didn't love designer bags. I really do. I'm OBSESSED with this bag right now.
It'd be perfect to carry on the plane for our trip back east)  

infinity scarf
(oh the outfits that this scarf would complete. this scarf is super yummy!) 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

holiday gift guide: for the bff/sister that got a bad perm because you did

leopard infinity scarf
(to add some "flare" to their wardrobe) 
wine scented candles
(what's better than a bottle of wine? a candle that smells like your favorite wine!)
chevron frame
(to frame those new memories) 
jeweled headband
(to help add a little "sparkle" to their strands) 
best friend beanies
(just in case you both need to cover up a bad hair style choice) 
arrow necklace
(cause every bff/sister needs something pretty for their neck) 

cute printed cosmetic bag
(one can never have too many bags to put things in)

about the title: in the early 90s I got a perm for a wedding I was going to be in. it was the year my hair went poker straight and wouldn't curl for the life of it. strange since I have naturally wavy hair. shortly after that horrid perm my bff got one. we were just two abnormally tall fuzzy haired munchkins :)

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