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Pickles & Chapstick

Pickles & Chapstick: July 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So this one time Peter Gallagher touched my stomach...


This past Monday night I went to eat with some friends at Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica. While we were debating what we all were going to eat we spotted Peter Gallagher. I had an overwhelming urge to yell "What up, Sandy Cohen?" but I decided picking what I was going to eat was more important. My friends and I split most of our dishes that night. If you plan on eating there I highly suggest the mac and cheese w/lobster. It sounds weird but it's delicious! For once I didn't even care that the mac and cheese wasn't the blue box kind. As we were leaving Sandy Cohen Peter Gallagher was in front of me. I'm not sure what/how it happened but as he reached back he touched my stomach. He turned around and looked perplexed, scared and managed to run in the opposite direction without apologizing. Trust me Peter, it was as awkward for you as it was for me. That's my story of the time Peter Gallagher touched my stomach.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Inspiration

I love the porch, the little yard and the fence.  
Love the inspiration board.  
I like how different this is compared to most babies rooms. 
Great set up for records/record player.  
I like the rustic nursery look. Not a big fan of the rug or the wooden barn door behind the crib (makes me nervous). 
I love the rustic dining room table w/mismatched chairs.  
Sweet vintage/rustic kitchen 
Cozy/Rustic kiddy room 

I'm currently still searching for the perfect apartment to move into before the little dude comes. I love browsing pinterest to get ideas on how to decorate my new space. Of course it's hard to come up with a decor before you find a place, but you can still get ideas. Above are a few of my favorite ideas. Keep your fingers crossed I find a place soon. This momma bird needs to nest!

(all photos from pinterest)

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach and Breakfast for one

If you lived in the LA area you knew this weekend was "carmagdeddon". The hype worked well because it seemed like most of LA stayed home (yes!). I kicked off Saturday by going to my "weekend job" aka being a beach bum. I laughed like an idiot as I read my Tiny Fey book and worked on my tan. When I returned home, I decided I should take myself out for dinner and a movie. I've never taken myself out on a date before so I decided that Saturday night would be the perfect night to start. I showered (I didn't want to smell for myself) and did my hair. If you know me, you know I hate spending more than a few minutes on my hair. Long hair + blow dry + flat iron = annoying. I can't tell you the last time I used a blow dryer on my hair. However, I do use the blow dryer to get things dry faster. On my way to the theater my unborn child decided to adjust him in a weird position and it made sitting uncomfortable. That's when I decided a pair of boxers, Netflix, my bed and take out was a better choice.

The next morning I woke up bright and early. That's what happens when you fall asleep at 10pm. I decided I should take myself out for breakfast and a trip to the beach. I got a paper and enjoyed the delicious waffle I ordered. It was enjoyable until a group tourists were seated next to me and kept invading my space to take a million photos of them at breakfast. I hope I remember that moment when I take my child out for his "first breakfast" and I have a camera in his face the entire time. After that "interesting" breakfast it was off to the beach. I finished my Tina Fey book and checked my twitter. The World Cup was getting intense so I decided it was time to end my "day date" with myself. I managed to watch Japan win the World Cup and I started crying. Not because the US lost but because I was happy for Japan. After I got a hold of myself it was time to start getting ready to grab dinner with my bff. She popped a blackhead for me as I was driving (I don't recommend doing this) and gave me a complex because she told me my face wasn't tan enough and needed to be tanner to blend with the rest of my body. What are friends for? 

Friday, July 15, 2011

It was a "lets see The Bangles" kind of night

While most people were getting ready to see *Harry Potter, Hope and I opted to see The Bangles (for free) at the Santa Monica Pier. It was nice just to bring a beach blanket and hang out on the beach and listen to music. At first I noticed people who brought picnic baskets with them and they had cheese and crackers. As time went on I noticed people who had lights, mini camping tables, plastic wine glasses, flags and some even brought sushi. Some of the stuff I thought was a bit much. Plastic wine glasses? Use a red cup! Yeah, that's right the same red cup you used in beer pong. Sushi? I guess whatever floats your boat but I think that's a bit much. Next time we're coming prepared with snacks, warmer clothes and maybe something pointless like an obnoxious light or a flag so all of our friends can find us.

*For the record I WILL be seeing Harry Potter sometime soon. Some of us feel that midnight is pushing it these days. I blame being pregnant :)   

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things...

 I love the idea but I would never do it 
These outfits are adorable  
Cute little girl outfit 
Love the different book covers 
Vintage pyrex <3 
I want to visit in the worst way - Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Love the color and composition of this 
pretty hair and so easy to do

Everything is still setting in from yesterday but browsing Pinterest this morning was a great idea. Here are some of my favorite finds from this morning. Hopefully you will find them as enjoyable as I have :)

(all images are from Pinterest)


Monday, July 11, 2011

Going to the chapel: Bling Bling Inspiration

My momma's blue diamond engagement ring. 
Eric Basin 
Eric Basin 
Eric Basin 
Andrea Bonelli
Eric Basin 

Eric Basin

My mom's wedding may be two years away but that doesn't stop me from organizing and getting ideas. What's one of the first steps to starting the whole wedding planning process? The ring! My mom has a beautiful vintage inspired blue diamond engagement ring. I may not be getting married anytime soon but that doesn't stop me from admiring beautiful rings. I love vintage and worn in pieces of jewelry. There's something beautiful about something that has weathered the test of time. Above are a few of my favorite vintage and non-vintage engagement rings. Enjoy!  

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Friday, July 8, 2011

My momma came to visit!!

The view from my mom's hotel room

Two thumbs up for Ostrich Land

My mom, her fiance and Lauren  
I played tour guide for my momma and John but I couldn't resist acting like a tourist when I saw this.

Please do not play the jukebox when live music is playing. *Thanks Stupid* - the Honey Badger

My mom's last night in California 
My mom w/adopted daughter (my bff) and her daughter 
Loved feeding the Ostriches.. especially the baby ones!
A week has flown by so fast. This time last week I was getting excited because my mom arrived and she was going to come visit me at my work. This was her second trip to California. It was an emotional one.. mostly for me. I think I managed to have a nervous breakdown every night while she was here. I'm emotional to begin with so these extra hormones are making me feel out of control! I'm surprised Los Angeles isn't flooded from all my tears.

I tried my best to play tour guide. Even though this pregnancy has made me impatient (don't get me started on traffic) and this child of mine sits lower and enjoys treating my bladder as a punching bag. I managed to be somewhat helpful with their trip. They saw the Staples Center, Downtown, Hollywood, UCLA, etc. We even managed to take a day trip to Santa Barbara and fed some Ostriches in Solvang. All that I cared about was getting to spend as much time with my momma as I could. All my mom wanted to do was touch my stomach, talk to my stomach and wait to feel him kick. At first I got really annoyed. I mean it's fine if I talk to my stomach but talking to him in the middle of a crowded place seemed a bit strange to me. Towards the end of her visit I was accustomed to my mother being attached to my belly. I actually kind of miss having someone to share those moments when you could feel him moving. 
Now, it's back to reality. Back to fighting those daily "baby blues" and finding a way to stay positive when all I want to do is sit and cry hysterically. There's so much that needs to be discussed, planned, etc. I want to nag (because if need be - I excel at it) but I'm afraid of pushing too much or coming off harsh. I feel that since it's summer that everyone but me gets to enjoy it. Going out and having a good time is the last thing on my mind. I kind of miss those carefree days. Now I'm scared of making the wrong the choice. Whether it be what brand of cloth diapers to use, Cribs (Is Ikea really okay?), What stroller is the safest, do I pick the infant car seat or the convertible car seat? I feel like a mad woman and I wish I had one friend who has been down this road that I could talk to. Then I have other worries.. what happens if I go on bed rest who will help out if I need it? How will I pay rent, groceries, etc. I guess everyone has these worries even if you do have someone else to rely on. I'm thankful for the friends who have been understanding and loving through all of this. They've been great lending an ear when needed but never getting too involved or talking bad about the other person. I just have to take a deep breath and dust myself off and stay strong and keep praying that one day things will get better. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

busy bee

My momma came into town Thursday night so I've been a busy bee. My mom leaves early Thursday morning so her visit is coming to an end. This visit is different. This is her second time visiting me in California. It could be the hormones but every time I leave her hotel at night I start bawling my eyes out. It's kinda of pathetic. Above are some photos from yesterday. We spent the 4th in the Marina wearing bikinis, eating BBQ inspired food and listening to the white trash rock that the other people at the pool were blasting. It was the perfect way to celebrate the 4th! Yes, the pregnant woman wore a bikini. I'm sure people were shocked, horrified or confused me with a beached whale. Oh well.. more posts to come!